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The impact of short sighted measures increases as time frames in the business world are compressed.

Today a company must think strategically to survive and embrace the rapid changes in the marketplace.

To achieve strategic goals, it is critical to coordinate responsive tactics with a flexible, long range vision.  Lida Ray staff specialize in long range planning and implementation on complex projects which a focus on global projects and multi-company initiatives.  Each require flexible planning which can embrace the diversity of cultures whether corporate or geographic.

          One focus area of Lida Ray is the global deployment of technology.  This complex arena requires detailed planning of functions, schedules, and resources; intensive customer engagement efforts in multiple locations, tailoring of implementations for regional variations, export regulation compliance, and extensive use of collaborative tools to achieve success.  Lida Ray has been instrumental in major global roll outs of both new and upgrade systems.

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Lida Ray Strategists provide a variety of services to business and industry.  

  • Strategic Planning
  • National and International Consulting
  • Program Implementation
  • Meeting and Team Facilitation
  • Key Project Initiation
  • Feasibility Studies
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