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   Strategic Technology Planning

Developing a strategic plan to manage the tremendous assets in Information Technology is increasingly a must for all companies. Lida Ray Technologieshas helped small and large companies, professional orgainzations and municipalities take control of their technology - improving its application for today and tomorrow.

Custom Application / Database Development

Since 1978, Lida Ray Technologies has been developing custom applications and databases for Banking, Automotive, Distribution, and Publishing industries, including the 45 program suite of automotive diagnostic programs for the AATEC CAT Tester.

   Major Development Management

Experienced management of complex software projects can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of manhours. Several skills are needed to ensure smooth progress: Technical and resource coordination efforts, customer engagement and change management, accurate project tracking, and effective communication to management, clients, and the team are all elements.

    System Analysis and Tune-Up

Computers are a basic tool of business, yet it is universal that no matter how expensive the system, it is quickly out of date. How can you extend the life of your investment without falling behind? Let us perform an analysis and tune-up. We can recommend upgrade strategies and perform maintenace to improve the performance of your existing hardware.

Recent Information Systems Projects





  • Data Warehouse mergers and data cleanup, data alignment, field restructuring, and data cleanup for national and international clients.

  • System Analysis and Database Resign efforts resulted in a 28% increase in access speed for a publishing client's main application.  

  • Developed On-Line Product Catalog for Value Added Reseller.  Client obtained out-of-state sales generated from the web site within first months of operation.

  • LRT designed 56 program set of Automotive Diagnostic Tools set for a Diagnostic Computer Manufacturer. Set now includes diagnostics for imported vehicles: BMW, Toyota, and Acura.

  • Strategic Planning for a Fortune 100's largest global systems deployment effort. Project included planning and implementation of training, resource leveling, and release management while addressing cultural diversity issues. Development and Presentation of persuasive materials for all strata of client personnel. This included Steering Committee briefings, summaries for corporate global dissemination and inception and content design of project web page.

  • LRT tested and refined the Implementation and Deployment Strategies at an international site. Successful implementation was achieved and a cadre of global representatives trained.

More Recent IT Projects


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