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Global System Deployment Strategic Planning
plane1.gif LRT performed the strategic planning & project management for a Fortune 100's largest global systems deployment effort. Project included planning and implementation of training, resource leveling, and release management while addressing cultural diversity issues. Development and Presentation of persuasive materials for all strata of client personnel. This included Steering Committee briefings, summaries for corporate global dissemination and inception and content design of project web page. LRT tested and refined the Implementation and Deployment Strategies at an international site. Successful implementation was achieved and a cadre of global representatives trained.

Creation of Concept for Insertion of Wireless Technologies
in Joint US/USSR Project.

BJ Moore, Lida Ray Technologies Founder and President, was requested by the US Government to prepare a concept paper on utilization of Wireless and GPS technologies in the tracking of nuclear weapons in transit during the disarmament process. 


Development of Municipal Strategic Technology Plan
LRT provided a comprehensive strategic analysis and recommendation detailing the technology requirements of medium size city.  This recommendation included considerations such as interoperability, training requirements and ease-of-use, upgrade paths, vendor stability, existing technology base, among others.  Understanding of both the functional requirements of a city government and the unique planning and approval processes and cycles were integrated into the long range plans.  LRT continues to provide consulting and technical support services.

Global Data Warehouse Turnaround Strategy

LRT designed and led the turnaround strategy of $4M Fortune 500's global remote incident monitoring and data warehouse system. Evaluated commercial alternatives. Deployed hardware and software globally. Refined global export plans in conjunction with Legal Division. Worked with senior management to realign the project goals with corporate strategy. "Managed the managers" to integrate efforts from globally dispersed, multi-departmental teams of developers, analysts, testers and DBA's. Recovered project from brink of dissolution to being cited by large systems division as key to their ability to meet customer service and profitability goals.


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